Catherine M. Elliott is a contemporary artist whose work is evocative of the American Impressionistic Style of painting. The wonder of these works are in its fresh liberation of color and light offering the viewer a sense of awe and peace. The paintings explore atmospheric conditions capturing a moment in time and place invoking the viewer to intimately see the sublime.

Megan Elizabeth is a mixed media artist working out of New Hartford. Her works are as varied as her moods!

Lori Racicot-Burrous enjoys using color and texture to capture the emotion of her subjects - including animals, people, landscapes, flowers, and anything else that speaks to the artist in her. "Art is a powerful way for me to express my inner thoughts and emotions and represent the world as I see it. Creating unleashes tension, provides a sense of peace in my life, allows for self-discovery, and lets me share my God-given gift. My artwork also invites others in, evokes memories, and starts a dialogue about shared experiences.​
Sandy Lisella is an up and coming new artist which Harvest Cafe is proud to display. Her prefered medium is photography with an emphasis on black and white.