Catherine M. Elliott is a contemporary artist whose work is evocative of the American Impressionistic Style of painting. The wonder of these works are in its fresh liberation of color and light offering the viewer a sense of awe and peace. The paintings explore atmospheric conditions capturing a moment in time and place invoking the viewer to intimately see the sublime.

Megan Elizabeth is a mixed media artist working out of New Hartford. Her works are as varied as her moods!

Lori Racicot-Burrous enjoys using color and texture to capture the emotion of her subjects - including animals, people, landscapes, flowers, and anything else that speaks to the artist in her. "Art is a powerful way for me to express my inner thoughts and emotions and represent the world as I see it. Creating unleashes tension, provides a sense of peace in my life, allows for self-discovery, and lets me share my God-given gift. My artwork also invites others in, evokes memories, and starts a dialogue about shared experiences.​
Sandy Lisella is an up and coming new artist which Harvest Cafe is proud to display. Her prefered medium is photography with an emphasis on black and white. 
A word from artist Melissa Hyatt, "I find watercolor to be magical and working with the softness and fluidity of this medium reminds me of the beach waves near my home. The beach is a huge influence in my work and it is here where I find peace and inspiration on my daily walks with my golden retriever, April. I hope my artwork brings you as much joy as it does me." 
Siobhan Murphy specializes in hand made greeting cards for holidays, events and any occasion you can think of.